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On this Website you can find and download all neccessary documents for your application to our program BEARERS OF HOPE FOR AFRICA.  
Please sent your application (including Annex A, B and C) to office [at] nlwworldwide.com.  If you have any questions, let us know.

We are looking forward to your application.

Dorothea Schermer
And the team from NLW

The program „Bearers of Hope“

Good vocational training for young women and girls from poor backgrounds in Africa is almost impossible. Solid vocational training is only possible through university studies, which are fee-paying.

There is an urgent need for highly qualified staff in many of the individual projects the respective religious missionary orders, with whom NLW works, are involved in. Furthermore, the small clinics, schools and other projects are in unattractive places such as very rural regions or slums.

Lacking financing and professional capacities are part of everyday life. The projects and the work in the religious order suffer.

We propose to remedy this situation with the scholarship program "Bearers of hope”. We intend to solve several problems at once. We offer young, talented and socially committed women from poor backgrounds in various African countries the opportunity to study for the qualifications needed and subsequently work for 3-5 years in one of the projects of our partner religious orders, with a corresponding salary being earned when qualified. During their studies, the students should already work on the projects in order to gain experience and to be close to the orders.

Young women can apply from February until latest by April of a year. Start for the scholarship is at autumn semester in August or September. At this time, female students must be 18 years old.

If the studies are cancelled or the agreement is not adhered to, the grant money is to be refunded.

This does not only mean the training of one person but help for many needy people in the projects. With the support of the young graduates, the projects become successful. Society receives role models. All win with this promotion program, a really lasting solution to a most urgent problem!

The catholic Father Noel P. O’Meara is the founding father of NÄCHSTENLIEBE WELTWEIT. Christian help worldwide is his mission. He is a priest oft he congregation of the Holy Spirit and founded NLW because it is important to him to support the work of the sisters and brothers for children and women in need. They are working for the poorest and often the funding of the projects is a big challenge.

Dorothea Schermer is CEO of NLW. She is advocat and has a lot of experience in international cooperations. NLW, the coworking with priests and sisters in Africa and the support of women is a heartfeld concern to her.

“Naechstenliebe Weltweit” or in English “Love of Neighbor Worldwide” (NLW) finances development aid projects mainly for children and women in Africa and other countries. Our main interest is in projects dealing with food, water, sanitary facilities, medical care and education.

In 2020 NLW supported 115 projects in 17 countrys. Our program “Bearers of hope for Africa” offers scholarships for young, talented talented and socially committed women from poor backgrounds in various African countries the opportunity to study for the qualifications needed.

You can find more information about NLW on www.naechstenliebe-weltweit.de. The website is only in German, but you can use the google-translating to understand better.

Tangulbei is a small city in the Pokot in the north-west of Kenya. The spiritan brothers run a hospital there and they visit the people in teh surrounding villages with a mobile clinic.

In the last years NLW helped with equipment and the construction of buildings: They could create a maternity ward, they can treat Malaria, Cholera and other dieseases, they have a laboratory, can do immunization and they have an ambulance.

This health station is so important fort he community in this region, because the next hospital is 120 kilometers away. To get an impression of the work there: please watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdzuvO_4KFY&t=2s